Jakob Dylan

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Right away you can hear TBone Burnett in the production with ‘Nothing But The Whole Wide World.’. The soundscape country theme carries into ‘Down On Your Own Shield.’ By the third song ‘Lend a Hand’ the pulse changes to a swampy creol via Jakob Dylan.

‘We Don’t Live Here Anymore’ is a declaritive march. Maybe the best tune of the bunch. The production overall is quality. However I feel that you get lost in the monotony of it all. Each song rolls in to each other back and forth and back and forth ultimately rocking you to sleep.

I didn’t make it through the rest of the record. Overall Jakob Dylan’s record will make it in my Ipod, however I wouldn’t listen to the album intentionally. It will be enjoyable in shuffle.


Joshua Radin and The Watson Twins

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Covering Bob Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice’

Singing some songs outside a venue in the UK that sold out to fans that didn’t get tickets.


Last weeks numbers as of 4/25

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1. Glee “Power Of Madonna”

Sales this week: 97,973

This statistic is scary for two reasons.

1. This is a number boosted by a lame show on network tv.

2. The number hasn’t even hit 100K yet.

This has to change.

Please Don’t Tell Me How The Stoy Ends

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By the mid-1960s, Kris Kristofferson had already been in the Army and been distinguished as a Rhodes Scholar. Yet he was sweeping Columbia Studios’ floors in Tennessee in the hopes of making a living as a songwriter. Over the years, many of his compositions have made big hits for other musicians: Ray Price (“For the Good Times”), Waylon Jennings (“The Taker”), Bobby Bare (“Come Sundown”), Johnny Cash (“Sunday Morning Coming Down”) and Janis Joplin (“Me and Bobby McGee”).  Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends: The Publishing Demos 1968-72 is the culmination of a five-year effort, and compiles 16 previously unreleased Kristofferson demos, showcasing not only his talent as a songwriter but also his gifts as a performer.

I’ll be your waste of time…

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Butch Walker in Knoxville. Record store tour.


Do you remember when we met
Liquor drinks and cigarettes
All the boys were takin bets
My credit card so in debt

Bought drinks from you at the bar
Poured them out behind my car
So I could come back to where you are
And order one from you again
And Again
I’ll be your open tab
You’ll be my favorite

You’re such a Pretty Melody
I’m just another tattooed tragedy
Oh baby we don’t have to be
Like the rest of them

What time can we get out of here
I got some words you need to hear
I really wanna make it clear
That I don’t do this everywhere
How do I make this not sound cheap
I’d like to show you where I sleep
And keep you there a couple weeks
And make you come again
And again
I’ll be your waste of time
You’ll be my happy end

You’re such a Pretty Melody
I’m just another tattooed tragedy
Oh baby we don’t have to be
Like the rest of them
It’s anything but hard to see
I want all of you all over me
There’s not a single part of me
That would ever let you…

First Aid Kit

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Swedish sisters who were discovered mostly because of youtube and their incredible talent singing and harmonizing to a Fleet Foxes song back in 08. …full review on their debut album ‘The Big Black and The Blue’ which was released Janurary 25th. I will post it Monday.

A quick note, their American debut was at SXSW a couple weeks back.(More on that on Monday) They are playing here in Los Angeles or shall I say Silverlake at Bootleg June 1st at 8pm. How did Hotel Cafe miss this? They put Rocco Deluca on for a month of Thursdays(lame) and allow The Fold to book someone who is actually talented and unique. Interesting to say the least…

Never Shout Never – Whats the big deal!?

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How is this kid famous? The songs are shit! How can Butch Walker want to produce the debut “mini” album?( an album that has 8 songs instead of 10 or 12) Butch must have been paid lots o money. Even with a talented producer, you can only polish something up so much.

I guess that Warner Bros is trying to copycat a new Dashboard Confessional. It may be working, AP magazine is pimping this kid(Christofer Drew Ingle) like he’s the savior of music. He is the headline of their tour through June and then Never Shout Never picks up on the Vans Warped Tour through August with a couple of Bamboozle Right dates to boot.

The reason why I get angry is you can tell that the label is 100% behind him. Why would I be mad about that? The quality of songs and music isn’t there… nobody’s going to remember his songs in 5 years… 15 years. I listened to his entire album twice this morning and I can’t sing you a melody line from it.

Furthermore, I don’t believe him. Look at the above picture…Do you? It is as though he walked into “Cliche Rockstars R US.”